Service Questions and Responses

What is Murderpan/Mattapan/Snowflake Media?

Call me Snowflake. I’m not a computer program, but I like using computers to create stories and poetry. This site is a content creation service, for your campaign, for your business, and for your entertainment. Lately it’s developed into a marketing platform for Warrior Writers and other creative projects. That could easily change, and when it does this text will change too.

My goal with this site (originally) was to create

RAW intelligence, posting
with ephemeral elegance
and spine prickling eloquence
to send your digital presence
snapping through synapses
to enhance your terrestrial influence

Ha! I like writing poetry. I can get abstract, but my goal is to transmit your message to people who want to hear it.


What is a ghost post?

"Tell all the truth but tell it slant —"

Consider your message. Who needs to hear it? Whatever you're selling or trying to save for posterity, it needs a narrative. You need an image and story to spread. This media company was designed to find creative ways of getting your brand out into society. For now, it’s not about you. It’s about my passions. I’m working to build up a reader base so that I can freely work on a series of creative projects. Maybe down the line I’ll be forced to freelance again through this site, so I’m keeping this post active, keeping that possibility open. I have a family to feed.

Straightforward marketing, through a digital storefront (like this one) or by posting fliers and memes in social media work when people know you. But if you build boats, you want to get people boating. I (Snowflake) can help by finding the perfect story to promote your interests, and by placing memorable posts that build your narrative. Your work has value, and you too can be a taste maker.


Why should I bother posting my brand?

While a lot changed logistically since Bernays wrote “Propaganda," his premise remains true. Other people's interests (often moneyed and government protected) shape our tastes.

Value is more than a binary a function of supply and demand. I suggest adding logistics and humanity to the equation. The story of Joseph (with the coat of many colors) from the book of Exodus expresses some of the physical forces (famine), humanity (family), logistics (gathering grain for poor years), and sociology (slavery) that both stunt and generate wealth. Whatever you're selling, you need to cultivate a compelling narrative, and social media is the newest toolbox available to promote your interests.

Media controls our desires more than we’d like to believe. Whatever you’re selling, you need to get your brand on the lips of others. Snowflake sells original content for physical and digital distribution. These unique pieces of media and fashion are designed to inspire insights across social media platforms, connecting people who might otherwise never know each other.


How long will this take?

At the moment I am working on a long term project for The Veteran Art Movement. If you see my “Dispatch” page, I am available to take new projects.


Where is your portfolio?

New projects that I make through here may appear (with permission from various other creators in my network who get involved in these projects) on Instagram @ghostrill and on twitter @iknowords

I’m interested in reporting on events, creating media out of interactions and conflicts, and writing copy that brings collective creative endeavors to life in particular places, at particular times, for particular communities. If you’re raising funds for an art class or a workshop series, for example, my rate for writing your copy (25 cents a word) is negotiable.

I’ve gotten a few editing and digital requests from self-publishers. If you’re making your own book, you might look into a copy editing service (like and Amazon publishing. I don’t have a large distribution infrastructure, and my editing and production service fees can get expensive.

Certainly feel free to approach me with whatever project. I’ll write anything at 25 cents a word (that’s about $60 per letter size page of double spaced Times New Roman text), just make the assignment clear in your dispatch. I also design print materials, edit audio, and create rudimentary videos. If your project is too big for me to handle alone, I have a large network of creative people who can help make your ideas sing.


Why are the broadsides and other publications sold on this site so expensive?

Printed material takes up space as well as time. The physical swag on this site is thoughtfully created, individually numbered, and distributed by hand. Everything sold here travels from my desk, through a fascinating series of human effort to your doorstep. Given the amount of time and attention that goes into it all, I think that Snowflake Media products are a steal.

Most of the digital products I offer, you'll notice, are either very cheap or free. Feel free to distribute my work through your networks, if you like it.