Already Dead

Damn, what a way to start the shift. This is why I hate coming in early. Mark explains to me that Mr. Turner, one of the nicest of our elderly has passes away. It's always strange to see a person, literally twelve hours ago, walking and talking like everything's normal and now their dead. As Mark explains to me what happened and the procedure to discreetly remove the body from the building, both the funeral home personnel and Mr B. (other older resident) approached the desk. I'm still changing into my uniform but I can hear Mark talking to the funeral director. Then I hear Mr. B interrupt the conversation.

"Mark, I want my pool pass."

"Well, Mr. B, I'll be with you momentarily. Someone passed away today and I need to help these gentlemen."

"Are you moving the body?"

"No, but I have to set up the elevators and such for them."

"So, can I get my pass then?"

"Sure, I'll be with you very soon. Just let me set up this guys"

"I can't wait that long" says Mr. B "I wanna good spot by the pool."

"Surely, Mr B., you understand that someone's just passed away. I won't be long."

"Well, he's fucking dead and I'm not" says Mr B. " He's not going anywhere anyway. GIVE ME MY PASS."

I could hear a loud groan come from Mark as he comes into the back and grabs the pool pass for Mr. B. Damn man, Mr. B is cold-blooded but technically he's correct. I guess that's what happens once you reach a certain age and Mr. B is definitely in the overtime portion of the life cycle game. Mark give Mr.B his pass and leads the funeral directors to where they need to go.

"Can you believe that fucking guy. He's dead already and not going anywhere. What kind of asshole is that guy."

"Well, he's an asshole and also right" I said. I love playing devil's advocate no matter how absurd the situation is. Mark shakes his head, grabs his jacket and leaves. C'est la vie.