Home Delivery at Its Finest

Man, I cannot believe this woman. That's pretty bold and downright dangerous if you ask me. Even if the chances of getting caught are minute, the penalties for it are huge. This woman is fucking crazy.

"Man, you know that's a felony right?? Probably several felonies."

"I know but I've been doing it for a few years and nothing's happened."


"Yeah, I mean coke is expensive and whenever I go to the West Coast for a girls weekend, we always buy blow and snort it up. I'm not going to just leave it with them when I put in on it."


"I just buy myself a birthday card or whatever, wrap up the leftover blow and mail it to myself. It's usually takes about 4 days to reach here."

"Using USPS?"

"Who else? They can't check all of that mail."

"Using your own home address?"

"Yeah, I mean, I can't risk getting on a plane with it. USPS delivers it right to my mailbox. It's like a slow-mo Amazon. Best service in town for 50 cents. In fact, I should have some in the mailbox right now. I'll show you how easy and simple it is."

She walks over to the mailroom and retrieves her mail. She comes back to the desk with a hot pink envelope in her hand. She opens up the envelope, pulls out a get well card and drops a small baggie filled with coke on the desk.


I'm in a state of disbelief. Never would I have thought that anyone would mail cocaine though the mail to themselves. I guess Rick James was right; cocaine is a hell of a drug.

"Home delivery at its finest" she says as she heads upstairs with her baggie of coke and a big smile on her face. Well I'll be damn.